1. The responsibility to company's operation.
  • Company will have an immediate improvement in case there is any incomplete or non standardized service .
  • 2.The responsibility to the customer's asset.
  • The company guarantees for the customer's assets in case of any damage or loss caused by the company's staff. The company will be responsible for all evaluated damaged costs.
  • 3.The responsibility to the staff behavior .
  • • The company's staff is trained to be honest, have high responsibility and follow the building rules and regulations strictly.
  • • The company will arrange for complete staff's biography, staff identity card to the engager in order to have convenience with checking in-out control and other inspections.
  • 4.The responsibility to the operation and management result.
  • • The company will arrange Qualified and Experienced staff to inspect the operation result in order to be a good consultant to the building executive.