Substation & Industrial Construction

  • Installation & testing of Cable, Ladders and Trays.
  • Earthing system
  • Installation of Capacitor bank, Reactors and Resistor.
  • Installation & Execution of Complete Electrical System for Multi-Story Complexes, Industrial & Commercial Buildings and Housing Schemes.
  • Control and Protection system.
  • Erection of station Batteries, chargers and auxiliary systems
  • Laying of XPLE (Cross-linked polythene) Power cables for Voltages up to 15Kv, Cable Jointing, Indoor/Outdoor Termination, Sheath Cables. and HV Testing
  • Laying of LV, MV and Control Cables.
  • Termination & Splicing of Power & Contro Cables .
  • Aluminum Welding.
  • Installation of Control Protection, AC-DC Panels, Battery Banks, PLC/DCS, SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) and Telecom Panels.
  • HVAC & Fire Alarm and Protection System, CCTV System Installation.
  • Installation of Steel Structure.


  • Installation & Testing of MV AIS & GIS . Switchgears
  • Installation of HV AIS and GIS Switchgears. ( 33KV to 380KV)
  • Installation of Outdoor equipment.
  • Installation of Outdoor equipment.
  • Erection of CTs, CVTs, VTs ,CCVTs and SAs


  • Installation, Testing, Commissioning of Transformer from 1 MVA to 300 (MVA).
  • Oil Filtration and Di-electric Tests.
  • Transformer electrical related tests.